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How to access via CVS

The outputs provided by Samba Users Group Japan are basically managed with CVS and can be accessed by anyone.
The outputs are like:

Then we will describe how to access.

Access via ViewCVS

You can access the outputs via your favourite Web browser. This allows you to access the contents of individual files in the repository and also to look at the revision history and commit logs of individual files. You can also ask for a diff listing between any two versions on the repository.

Use the URL below:

Note that anonymous authentication is required to access, use cvs as the username and your E-mail address as the password.

Access via cvs

You can also access the outputs via a normal cvs client. This gives you much more control over you can do with the repository and allows you to checkout whole source trees and keep them uptodate via normal cvs commands. This is the preferred method of access if you are a developer and not just a casual browser.

To download the latest cvs source code, point your browser at the URL :
CVS is free software under the GNU GPL (as is Samba).
To gain access via anonymous cvs use the following steps.
  1. Install a recent copy of cvs. All you really need is a copy of the cvs client binary.
  2. Run the command
    $ cvs -d login
    When it asks you for a password type 'cvs' (not including the quotes).
  3. Run the command
    $ cvs -d co samba-ja
    This will create a directory called samba-ja containing the latest Samba Japanese Edition
  4. Whenever you want to merge in the latest code changes use the following command from within the samba-ja directory:
    $ cvs update -d -P
    If you instead want the latest source code for the samba-2.0.7-ja-0.973 then replace step 4 with the command:
    $ cvs -d co -r release_2_0_7_ja_0_973 samba-ja